Peace River Baptist Association
Friday, May 17, 2024

2024 Peace River Budget


1000 Missions / Church Starts / Revitalization                      $1000

These funds are appropriated under the guidelines of the Florida Baptist Convention, must be a percentage giving church to the Cooperative Program and the Peace River Baptist Association, and must be approved by the Credentials Committee, the Administrative Team, and the Finance Team independently.  All funds must be accounted for in reports to the Missions, Administrative, and Finance teams.

2000 Personnel Leadership Ministries                                $18,263

This is the total package with no other reimbursements for mileage, internet, office space, etc. and includes all Withholding & Social Security contributions.

3000 Church Development and Education                         $500

These are funds appropriated for association wide events.

4000 Admin and Support Ministries                                  $1300

Office supplies, printer ink, paper, telephone, website, postage, corporation annual renewal.

Total Budget                                                                    $21,063